VAT Returns

One of the most important functions the Bookkeeper in London can perform on your behalf is your monthly VAT reporting and quarterly VAT Returns administration.

When a business falls behind with VAT administration and payment it can cause substantial disruption to the business if the money-makers are stuck behind a desk trawling through receipts and HMRC administration.

VAT Administration and Filing

On average it takes a small business owner four days per quarter to administer their own VAT returns. That’s sixteen days per year that the money-maker is wasting time behind a desk. This can have serious implications on cash-flow and motivation.

An experienced Bookkeeper will carry out the same task methodically and accurately in 25% of the time, saving money and improving motivation and cash-flow.

The Bookkeeper in London will inevitably find ways of saving your business even more money by being tax efficient and finding cost savings and unpaid invoices which we can chase for you. Credit Control is our speciality, we’ll get you paid faster.

We’ll Save you much more than time!

You dislike doing the books and you get frustrated being tied to a desk – so why do it?

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