Why Hire a Bookkeeper

We all have to start somewhere right?
I spent the majority of my working life in the corporate world and for those of you whom have been there, on the greasy pole, you’ll recognise my story.

When you work in a senior position for an established business you become complacent about your personal skills. This is because you were possibly, (as I was) brilliant at my own core competences and a very good delagator of other people skilled in their core competences and for sure finance and administration were not amongst my skills.

I never needed to worry about the HMRC or VAT or anything relating to money because the finance department did that..

Fast Forward to the present day

Today I run my own business and very quickly it became apparent that I lacked the skills to run a business single handedly.

After all I needed to sell my skills and services and bring the money in; when it landed, other than putting it the bank I was clueless as how to manage the business finances and I needed help fast.

I was lucky enough to find a combination of a great bookkeeper in London and a fantastic chartered accountant in Manchester and together they run all business finance and administration for me.

Pre-VAT registration

I quickly moved from start-up to Limited and VAT registered company and I was in terms of what the law requires – out of my depth and far outside of my comfort zone. Before taking on a bookkeeper I was spending at least two days per week on the books and essential, yet boring administration which did not add value to my business or my work-life balance, because the admin was all carried out at the weekend and I was working 7 days per week.

Bookkeepers are incredibly organised people who make short work of what to me was a very complicated task.

If you are a Start-up Business or running a small business today I highly recommend that you hire a bookkeepr either full time or use an agency such as ours in London and the home counties to help you with the work which you know that you should be delegating to someone with the bookkeeping skill set.