Small Business

We provide experienced Bookkeeping Services to Small Businesses in London and the home counties. Our bookkeepers are fully qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable of accountancy software, provide hassle free monthly reporting, no-nonsense explanations and friendly customer services.

We’re passionate about supporting Small Businesses to view their financial records as an important part of their business, instead of being a tedious chore to be endured at the end of the tax year.

We’re afraid that many the lack of bookkeeping contributes to the reason why so many small businesses fail when they first start up. How can a small business make improvements without knowing their true financial situation? Our experienced bookkeepers are here to help.

Fully Qualified and HMRC Compliant

When looking to hire a bookkeeper, it’s important to ensure that the company is fully compliant with HMRC’s Money Laundering Regulations.

We are fully compliant and registered with HMRC. If your bookkeeper is a member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers or the International Association of Book-keepers, then they do not need to be registered specifically for the Money Laundering Regulations, because they are already being supervised for Money Laundering through those professional bodies. When looking for a bookkeeper, it’s important to check that they are fully qualified and compliant with HMRC.

They have access to all of your financial information, so you want to make sure they are competent to handle your financial information. All of our bookkeepers are fully qualified. We can provide you evidence of our qualification on request.

Your friendly bookkeeper in London

We know that dealing with paperwork can be a headache for some people. That’s why our friendly bookkeepers are on hand to make the whole process easy for you. We are good at what we do, because we are highly organised.

If you haven’t had time to give us your monthly paperwork, we will give you a friendly reminder. We will organise your paperwork into tidy files. No more stacks of receipts. Once you start working with us, all of your papers will be neat and tidy making it easy to find specific documents.

We’re experienced with a variety of bookkeeping and Payroll systems.
Each month, you will receive an easy to read report giving you a snapshot of your financial situation. Our London Bookkeepers are always happy to give friendly no-nonsense explanations of your financial reports.

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