We provide flexible payroll services that improve payroll administrtation for micro and small business employers. Our payroll service can streamline your business admin time and help improve your productivity by removing an essential but time constraining administrative task.

We nail payroll processing and employee PAYE filing so you can focus on your business.
Our payroll service will ensure that your payroll responsibility is met on time, every time for the benefit of you and your employees.

Call us for a No-Obligation Payroll Overview

If you are considering outsourcing your payroll, why not Contact Us and we’ll give you an overview of our service and our pricing and we’ll hopefully give you the confidence to commission the Bookkeeper in London to work with you as an extension of your business team.

Are you VAT Registered?

If you are VAT registered or approaching the VAT threshold we love crunching the VAT numbers, strange I know, but it’s what we do so when you are ready to pull your hair out it’s time to call us to sort out your VAT Returns.