How the London Bookkeeper can save you time, money and stress

Business Type A

Have you ever experienced that feeling of dread when the end of the tax year rolls around?

You get that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when you think about getting your paperwork in order to give to your accountant. Last year you promised yourself that you would keep on top of the paperwork and never go through the trauma of sorting out all of the paperwork at the last minute.

You get nearer to the deadline, but you just can’t muster the energy to get started. You know everything is such a mess that you can’t face it. Once you start, you know that it is going to take such a long time to finish.

If this sounds familiar, you definitely need a bookkeeper.
Why on earth would you put yourself through all of that stress, when you could easily outsource it to a professional bookkeeper? We love organising, number crunching and getting your books in order. For us, it’s a breeze. For you, it’s a nightmare. For you, working with a London bookkeeper will be energizing.

Business Type B

Maybe the thought of bookkeeping doesn’t cause you to feel stress.
You have an established bookkeeping system that works for you. When you are really busy, you occasionally let the bookkeeping slip. You might not know your exact financial each month, but you get everything caught up at least once a quarter if not more often.

If this is your approach, you will benefit from hiring a bookkeeper.
Being busy is great, but that’s no reason to get behind in your bookkeeping. By outsourcing your bookkeeping to us, you can monitor your financial situation each month. Knowing your exact financial position each month will help you to make sensible financial decisions.

Business Type C

You have a perfect filing system in place. You have a bookkeeping process that you follow religiously. Once a week without fail, your accounting software is fully updated with all of the week’s transactions. In fact, you have time blocked out in your diary each week to keep your books up to date. You fully understand the importance of knowing your financial situation. Maintaining your financial records has become part of your regular routine.

If this sounds like you, well done, but you should still hire a bookkeeper.
Just because you can do your bookkeeping, doesn’t mean you should be doing your bookkeeping. Outsource it, so you can use that time in your diary for planning or marketing or additional chargeable work.

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to the Bookkeeper in London will save you time, money and stress.